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A new Secretary General for ELCA

Luc Rivet has joined ELCA, regrouping the SMEs and components manufacturers in Europe, with participation of associations from accession countries and neighbouring states. Says Luc Rivet: “it is a pleasure to work for the thriving hub of micro, small and medium-size companies in Europe that are creating jobs and sustaining the industrial activity in Europe, contrary to many of the large companies of the sector which have largely delocalized out of the EU in the last decades. The creativity of SMEs and component manufacturers should be better recognized by the European Commission. They provide the innovative solutions that will make European lifts more energy efficient and shall develop the ‘home lifts’ that should equip all residential buildings and homes in the future, at an affordable cost for the ageing European population”. Prior to joining ELCA, Luc Rivet has managed the European Lift Association, ELA for 12 years. ELA regroups mainly the large lift manufacturers. Luc Rivet has been active for the last 25 years in industrial marketing and communication, mainly B2B, in different industrial sectors. In an earlier life, he was an economic journalist for Belgian TV and his programme Bizness Bizness was crowned as best programme of the year at the end of the 80s.

ELCA participates to the CEN WG in charge of creating a new standard: EN 81-42

ELCA has insisted at CEN TC10 to be included in the discussions surrounding the creation of a new standard, EN81-42, which will cover the lifts under the Machinery directive 2006/42/EC. Thomas Birnbaum, from Oildinamic GmbH, shall represent ELCa in the Work Group created to develop this new norm. ELCA believes accepts the idea to clearly make a distinction between open platforms under EN81-41, with a limited speed of 0.15 m/s, and on the other hand to prepare a norm for the “home lifts” under the Machinery directive, that should remain an affordable option for home owners, especially senior citizens, to equip their house or residential building with a home lift; safe as the present fully-enclosed applications are, affordable and fast enough to be attractive.

Component manufacturers to be more involved in new energy efficiency norm

The energy-efficiency of lifts can be improved. The whole industry agreed about it and managed to prove that the standby consumption could be strongly reduced (Intelligent Energy Europe project -  E4). The point is of course, that the component manufacturers now have the task to develop controllers, doors, lighting, equipment that consume less or rather more intelligently, and that can be put into varying types of sleep modes when they stand idle at night or in standby. The creativity of component manufacturers is making marvels, both for hydraulic applications and traction lifts. Innovations flourish. That is the reason why ELCA and its component manufacutring companies should be much more involved in any work carried out on the energy front, especially in CEN or ISO.