Business & employment

The lift industry is one of the rare industrial sectors that have kept a large manufacturing base in Europe. While the largest multinational manufacturers of lifts & escalators have delocalized and moved major parts of their production out of Europe, mainly to China and other Asian countries, Europe has remained a hub of activity in the lift sector thanks to the SMEs. Producers of all components families, but also manufacturers of complete lifts, installers and maintenance companies constitute a large part of the business in the European Union and accession countries, Turkey included.

In terms of employment, the SMEs in the lift sector occupy some 80,000 persons, more than the combined figure of the four major companies in the sector in Europe. Italy, Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom or Sweden for example, still have a large number of SMEs, and their skilled workforce includes an impressive number of experts involved in Research & Development of ne.

Over the 5,000,000 lifts in the enlarged European Union (EU), Turkey included, and the European Economic Area (EEA), some 50% are more than 20 years old. At the present rate of replacement, decades would be needed to replace them all. It is also therefore very important that the European lift stock be upgraded in terms of safety, thanks to the national legislation across Europe, based on the safety norm for existing lifts, EN81-80. Many SME’s are championing lift safety upgrading and modernisation at affordable prices and with an incomparable flexibility.